Vocabulary I & II (1-162)

This installation was realized specifically for POPPOSITIONS 2015. POPPOSITIONS is an assembly of galleries and hybrid art spaces, presented in a former post-office building during Art Brussels, together with Galerie Rianne Groen.

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Vocabulary I & II (1-162) revolves around the structures behind the contemporary art world and art fair. Central in the installation are two classic slideshows featuring a large number of models for typical contemporary art and architectural objects such as display cases, black boxes, tables and electronic devices. They expose the architecture and objects that only exist for the sake of art and are easily recognized as such. They are the supportive structures in the ecosystem of art, exhibitions and art fairs. As the slideshow continues, while trying to mimic and articulate the art world’s visual language, new forms are created. These objects may still fit in visually, but are mutated or stripped of a proper function.

The slideshow is projected in the midst of a landscape of plinths and pedestals, dummy walls and other art-space interior that is often created merely for the exhibition period, creating a space or landscape that without doubt refers to contemporary art, but still feels empty and is stripped of every other visual information. The space seems to be in a state of transit, like the items which should be on display are (still) missing.

The installation emphasizes the artificialness of the presentation of art and art fairs in particular, and reflects on the extremely specific art environment that has been created in the last couple of decades – and how easily such an environment is recognized.

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