Verzamelde Mazen / Collective Loopholes

This exhibition was a collaborative effort with works of Caz Egelie, Zwaantje Kurpershoek, Alina Lupu, Ruben Planting, Lisa Sudhibhasilp, Martha Thissen, Samantha Vlaming and myself. Curators Nikkie Herberigs and Amy Stenvert invited us to respond to the museums collection of local artefacts and historical objects. The result is a collective research into the collection, its whereabouts, conditions and future, the curious case of an unremunerated director, the time one spends while visiting a museum and other ways of finding a way into a museum or its collection.

For this I collaborated on the exhibitions epicentre with Caz Egelie and Alina Lupu, creating a prologue of sorts to the rest of the show. It features storing racks and items from the museum’s depot, mixed with some sculptural racks by me, text contributions by Alina Lupu, me and temporal collection replacements for missing items by Caz Egelie, and a series of smaller works by some of the other artists involved.

Amongst this prologue one could also find a new extended video version of an older text called ‘For decades and decaydes’.

Images by Gert Jan van Rooij.