Everything as Desired (Many Scratches…?)

This edition was produced as part of the installation Curtain of Objects at Art Rotterdam 2019. It consists of a total number of 999 acrylic wardrobe number plates. The numbers appear scratched, damaged or altered, indicating a system that goes beyond numbers. Or a system that disrupts the original item’s functionallity while maintaining its main design-features. Some numbers have already been produced for the presentation at Art Rotterdam, others can be produced on demand.

001 available
003 sold
006 sold
007 sold
008 available
009 available
016 available
067 available
094 sold
122 available
200 available
201 available
278 sold
343 sold
345 available
380 available
401 available
588 sold
726 sold
887 sold
999 sold

All missing numbers are also available for €25. They have not yet been produced, but will be upon request.


Everything as Desired (Many Scratches…?)2


Number 887 as worn by Caz Egelie.