Zoë Tim Hollander

zoetimhollander (at) gmail (dot) com


2009 – 2010 Basisopleiding Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving aan de Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

2010 – 2011 Propedeuse HBO Bachelor of Fine Arts in Education aan de Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

2011 – 2014 HBO Bachelor of Fine Arts aan de Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

Prizes / stipendia / nominations

2018 Mondriaan Fonds Werkbijdrage Jong Talent

2015 Nomination C.o.C.A. Commission 2015

2014 Winner of the Jan Zumbrink award


2024 Pro Subsidy Advisory Board


10/2017 – 11/2017 Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn

4/2016 – 3/2017 Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht

Selected exhibitions

4/2024 – Yours and Mine Melt Into Ours – two performances during the exhibition ‘A Staged Slumber’ by Caz Egelie and Jesse Strikwerda as part of Rewire Festival, Das Leben Am Haverkamp, Den Haag.

3/2024 – Still Lifes – presentation at UP//////DATE  at P/////AKT, Amsterdam

2/2024 – De Grote Keramiekshow – group show at No Limits! Art Castle, Amsterdam

4/2023 – Uniform – group exhibition at Museum Helmond (w/ Caz Egelie), Helmond

5/2022 – Shoeglazing – group exhibition as curator, artist and scenographer at Dürst Britt & Mayhew, Den Haag

6/2021 – To be chiseled out of marble – Open Letter on the window of Page Not Found, Den Haag

6/2021 – Verzamelde Mazen / Collective Loopholes – group exhibition at Museum IJsselstein

9/2020 – Haagse Herritage – group exhibition at Heden, Den Haag

7/2020 – Proposition 2: Making a Salad – group exhibition at Museum IJsselstein innitiated by Caz Egelie

12/2020 – And Me, Streams of You – group exhibition as part of Currents, curated together with Helena Julian at Marres, Maastricht

2/2020 – Group exhibition Prospects & Concepts, Art Rotterdam

2/2019 – Group exhibition Curtain of Objects at Art Rotterdam, with Galerie Rianne Groen

6/2019 – Group exhibition Vijf Jaar Jan Zumbrink Prijs (Five Years Jan Zumbrink Award) – Vishal Haarlem

3/2018 – Group exhibition Unfair, Amsterdam

1/2018 – Solo exhibition, A lot of effort for a bad joke, Galerie Rianne Groen, Rotterdam

11/2017 – Solo exhibition Still life w/ longdrink glasses, ping-pong balls and
footnotes, Residency at Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn

2017 – Group Exhibition,Vis-á-vis, Ampersand Lisbon

3/2017 – When Attitudes Become Multiform, group exhibition at Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, as artist and curator. W/ Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Lilian Kreutzberger, Frank Koolen, Radna Rumping, Pieter van der Schaaf, Ola Vasiljeva, Lina Viste-Gronli

2/2016 – Institutional Soup – solo presentation w/ P/////AKT at Art Rotterdam Intersections

1/2016 – Conceptual Soup, solo-exhibition at P/////AKT Amsterdam

12/2015 – How to do things with sculpture – group exhibition at Kunstvereniging Diepenheim curated by Alexandra Landré

11/2015 – Similar ideas executed in different ways, group exhibition at Galerie Rianne Groen with w/ Dico Kruijsse, Sven Sachsalber, Luuk Schröder

9/2015 P/ART Producers Art Fair – invited by POPPOSITIONS, Hamburg, Germany – september 2015

9/2015 Reading Between Not-straight Lines – as curator and participating artist – group show together with: Niels Goos, Marijn van Kreij, Helmut Smits, Lina Viste Gronli, Meric Algrun Ringborg, Uta Eisenreich and Wouter Venema – Academiegalerie Utrecht

6/2015 The Tongue of the Chameleon, group show at locatieZ

6/2015 Curating the collection (1992 – 2014) – Solo presentation at Kunsthal Light – Kunsthal Rotterdam

5/2015 The Museum of Unconditional Surrender, group show curated by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk – TENT Rotterdam

4/2015 Poppositions 2015 – Brussels – with Galerie Rianne Groen

2/2015 We Like Art section at Art Rotterdam

11/2014 Musée des Possibilités – group exhibition at Galerie Rianne Groen

11/2014 Places Spaces – group exhibition at SIGN Groningen

11/2014 The Liberated Page Biennale – Batiment d’art contemporain (BAC), Geneva, Switserland

09/2014 ‘My First Drawing’ at Amsterdam Drawing, NDSM-werf, via Ron Mandos Galery

08/2014 Best of Graduates 2014 – Curated by Radek Vana, Ron Mandos Galery, Amsterdam

06/2014 HKU FA TWG – graduation show Fine art, Utrecht

05/2014 Niewe tijd voor de oude kerk, group show at the Old Church in Amsterdam (with Zeno van den Broek)

12/2013 Alternative Exactitudes, group show at P/////AKT, Amsterdam

11/2013 Leerling/Meester # 4 – Hedwig Houben (Voorstel voor een expositie met 5 kunstenaars), group show at Kunstpodium T

08/2013 From Surface to Space, group show at Kunstliefde, Utrecht, curated by Zeno van den Broek

08/2013 The Second Part, online group exhibition at, curated by Tijl Orlando Frijns

06/2013 Opening Entanglement / Urban Trajectories at Casco, Utrecht (group)

05/2013 The history of film in 9 chapters, filmtheater ’t Hoogt, HKU exhibition space curated by Kostana Banovic (solo)

03/2013 Arena (reduced to 25%), solo exhibition of 1 installation at presentation space 99kuub at HKU, Tractieweg 41, Utrecht

12/2012 Begane Grond 1, at DepotBG Amsterdam, group exhibition for Begane Grond

10/2012 No More Westerns, at Academiegalerie Utrecht, group exhibition for Impakt Festival


2018 – Collected Wramblings – a collection of texts, scripts and text-based works – edition of 250

2017 – The Lazy Artist and Other Stories – edition of 75

2016 – Contemporarier Poems – edition of 50

2015 – Chess Variations – edition of 64

2014 Contemporary Poems – edition of 25

2014 12 choreographies – 30 x 21 cm – edition of 30

& more

Published texts

2021 Metropolis M – Telkens opnieuw uit vormeloosheid groeien

2020 Metropolis M – Een rookgordijn van objecten

2019 Tubelight Magazine – Visiting Every Exhibition You’ve Ever Seen Simultaneously, in the Same Space

2018 Metropolis M – Met/Zonder Titel

External publications

2014 Tubelight #94 – Kunstige verhoudingen (review of exhibition in SIGN)

2014 “Choreografie verovert terrein, deel 1 / 2 & deel 2 / 2” by Nanda Janssen at Kunstbeeld

2014 Metropolis M august graduation addition

2014 BK Informatie (june edition)

2014  HKU FA TWG 2014 – graduation catalogue

Other activities

2014 Make/remake/collect – lecture on artist books at Stichting Perdu, Amsterdam

2013-2014 Assistent-curator of the HKU presentation space 99KUUB, in collaboration with Luuk Wilmering