Courtesy, Courtesy, Courtesy (RIYL Ambiguous Meanings)

Installation consisting of various individual artworks and editions (as listed below), wood, poplar, nut, powder coated steel, screws, magnets, perspex, wine bag, coffee beans, electric kettle, glass bottles, water, porcelain, screen printed napkins, engraved acrylics, double sided tape, chewing gum, keyring, rope, digital print on paper, bespoke sticker set, various bodily positions and postures by the artist, daily worries, books, microfiber cloth, titellist, (not yet) distributed business cards spread throughout the art fair, various other materials and thoughts.

The installation is a response to the Art Fair as a semi-private and semi-public space, it’s general rules and various economies. As part of the work, I was constantly present in the installation. Hosting conversations, offering free coffees to both visitors and other exhibitors as a means to escape at least partly the capitalist aspects of the art fair.

Many of the objects that were presented were in one way or the other designed to host myself and others. By taking my own bodily presence as a starting point, an environment for hanging out, loitering and conversing was created.