Three decades of re-written music history (2050)



This is a work I did for Impakt Festival. This years festival theme is ‘No More Westerns’, which refers to the  rise of economies outside the west, such as Asia and Africa, and the shift in visual culture that is inherent to  that. The work focuses on the term ‘World Music’ and the evolution of (electronic) musical instruments over the  years. The installation features a classical (though self-made) museum piece that shows musical instruments from the 90’s, 00’s en 10’s of our time. In this alternative history lesson, everything is different than we’re used  to; while Asia is market leader in developing electronic instruments and Arica is going trough a Djembe-Hero craze, the west stays behind playing flute and guitar.

The installation was on show in the AcademieGalerie in Utrecht during Impakt Festival in october 2012.