Shoeglazing (as curator, artist and scenographer)

This exhibition brings together a ceramic body of work by ten artists in an exhibition that blends the vague borders between gallery space and high end storefront. On display are over 60 ceramic shoes, both individual and pairs. Shoeglazing features more and less recent work by Verena Blok, Dorota Jurczak, Michael Portnoy, Koen Taselaar, Ola Vasiljeva and new work by Kim David Bots, Caz Egelie, Afra Eisma, Arash Fakhim and guest curator Tim Hollander.

Starting as first a mental collection and later a slowly growing folder of snapshots of encountered shoes over the years, the exhibition zooms in on this medium within a medium and the shoe as a vessel for ideas, dreams and values. Some of the works allude to a feeling of home, others explore gender roles, capitalist fetishes and futures, or simply act as containers for larger sculptures. Whilst the shoestore-like scenography might suggest otherwise: these shoes are not just objects, and certainly weren’t made for walking.

For this project I worked as artist, curator and scenographer. Thanks to all the artist involved, to Jaring Dürst Britt & Alexander Mayhew for hosting the project and Gemeente Den Haag & Stroom Den Haag for supporting. For the exhibition writer/curator Helena Julian wrote the beautiful essay ‘Baby needs a new pair of shoes’.

More soon.