Shoeglazing (SS22 Collection)

This collection of ceramic shoes was made for the exhibition Shoeglazing at Dürst Britt & Mayhew in The Hague in 2022. Some of them are single shoes, some form a pair and others a triplet. Most of them have been made from a desire of wanting to be able to wear a certain type of shoe, but being unable to due to sue size, form or budget. Some can be seen as a direct complaint to the binary gendered fashion industry and a longing to move beyond this binary in the sense of gender presentation.

Others are focusing more on the material qualities of ceramics and trying to stretch the idea of what a shoe can be. Shoes are in the end very relatable and recognizable objects, so when does something stop being a shoe when one is not limited by the practicalities of wearability.

Mouldy Dessert Boots, 2022

Softer Sandals, 2022

Binary Rejecting Triplet Boots, 2022

Roam Funners, 2022

Chunky Castle Boots, 2022

Magical Wraparounds, 2022


Stacked Muddy Sandal, 2022

Red Heels, Smudged Lipstick, 2022


Squishy Foot Slides (Sneaky Lizard), 2022

Squishy Foot Slides (Bronze/Metal/Rust), 2022

Squishy Foot Slides (Pretzel/Coffee/Breakfast), 2022

Confident Strides Across The Board, 2022


One Step Forward Two Feet Stuck, 2022

Footprints (In Smoke), 2022