Acrylic paint, greasy fingers and shot arrows on engraved panel.

This series consists of works that are the closest thing to painting I’ve done in quite some time. The works are based diagrams taken from the TASHEN series book The World of Ornaments, which were scanned, recombined, removed from their original context and engraved into panels of black MDF. Along with screenprinting the original diagram’s numbers, this results in a rather controled production proces. As a contrast to this semi-automated production proces, the works are pierced by arrows shot with a handbow.


Zip! Zip! (Painting / With gold highlights) – 120 x 83 (x 83) cm

Exhibition view at Unfair, Amsterdam

4, 3, 2
Exhibition view at Unfair, Amsterdam

Shunk! (Enamelled Copperware / For the belly of a vessel) – 81 x 50 (x 81) cm

3 (left) and 2 (right)
Zing! (Applique Designs / A scarf wound round five times) – 120 x 24 (x 80) cm (left) and Twang-Twang-Twang! (Decorative Hangings / Worthy) – 120 x 84 (x 82) cm (right)