Institutional Soup

1. There’s a rectangular space, with a rectangular side-pocket in the back. There’s walls, or maybe only just objects that act like walls

2. Signs with information. Signs without information. Nothing on display. Is the work here yet?

3. Various materials. A downward spiral. 200. 080. 081. Objects on wheels. A projection of even more objects. The work seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Institutional Soup is an installation created in collaboration with P////AKT within the context of Art Rotterdam’s Intersection side program for non-commercial institutions. The work is a both direct and associative respons to the Art Rotterdam fair and the aesthetics of art fairs in general.

11 (online)

V (w/ Upward/Downward motion)

02 (online)


03 (online)


13 (online)


07 (online)V (w/ Stock room), Vocabulary I (1-81), Figure I (a brief history of contemporary art)

05 (online)


01 (online)


09 (online)


08 (online) Leveling a table (w/ Every possibly interesting quote by all important, very important and less important philosophers ever)

16 (online)Playing checkers at the art fair

10 (online)V (w/  Indecisiveness can lead to disappointment)

04 (online)


06 (online)


15 (online)


12 (online)

 A reconstructed work by Aldo van Eyck, later deconstructed and again reconstructed in an exhibition by Hans Demeulenaere, deconstructed once more and carefully wrapped