Display with empty words (2014)

Wooden display, glass, juxtaposition of two books, one cassette tape and one folder, ISBN-numbers, post-its, barely readable handwritten copies of ICOM’s Running a Museum: A Practical Handbook , paperclips, newspaper clippings, found images, coffee stains, unfinished essays

The work consists of a horizontal display or vitrine mounted onto a wall. Two books, a casette tape and a folder have been placed inside the display which has then been shut off by a piece of glass. Wether the items inside live up to their rather pretentious titles (‘Every possibly interesting quote by all important, very important and less important philosophers ever’, ‘What do you mean? Reflections on space, time, art, image, sound and whatever else one can reflect upon‘ and ’99 essential lessons in art history – narated by a parrot in slow motion’) remains unclear. The work imitates the way books and essays are used in non-accesible ways and philosophers are name-dropped within exhibitions, often to spice up an exhibition text or to suggest sudden relations which either aren’t there or don’t really matter.

Pictures where taken during the exhibition Musée des Possibilités at Galerie Rianne Groen.

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