Cartographic Structure 1 (Which way Brouwn?)

For the exhibition Alternative Exactitudes and the presentation of the nieuw Kunstlicht issue Mind the Map in P/////AKT – Amsterdam, I made a site-specific adaption of my work Which Way Brouwn, transforming the original publication in a cartographical structure that resembles the landscape around Utrecht and Leidsche Reijn.

AE overzicht - onlineInstallation view at P/////AKT, with works of Gert Jan Kocken, Jean Bernard Koeman and Annesas Appel in the back.

Unlike the topographical maps that are a collection of quite static information that is greatly connected to space, this map focuses on information that is more fluent, time-based and therefore connected not only to a specific space, but also to a specific time. The map describes a route that has been taken from the Stanley Brouwn pavilion in Leidsche Reijn. The information collected is based on three types of registrations:

1. The registration of sound
2.1 The registration of possible (general) directions
2.2 The possible amount of detours from these general directions
3. The amount of people encountered

As every diagram and registration is based on different parameters, the diagrams can’t be directly linked in a senseful way. Yet, the diagrams have been combined in a graphic way, by directly laying them on top of each other – the way this is often done in Atlases. The result is a map that is full of information, but completely useless when you want to orientate yourself. Only if one would be able to walk the route at the exact same day and time as this recording, one might end up at the right place.
The installation seems to be both functional and dysfunctional at the same time.

45 graden - online


detail vitrine 2 - online


detail tekst 2 - online


detail schema 1 - online


AE overview - online
Installation view at
P/////AKT, with a work of Elian Somers in the back.